Looking for the wedding dress is always the most difficult step for women. Indeed, they must review several outfits before coming across the right one. Once this phase is over, the ladies can start looking for wedding accessories. If they are not chosen carefully, the jewellery will overload the dress instead of enhancing it.

Finding jewellery to match with her wedding dress is not easy for young girls. To simplify the choice, they must take into account the seam of their outfit. With a straight décolleté, the asymmetrical or round necklaces sublimate the shoulders of the future wife. Alternatively, a jewelry store in Nantes centre can design a gold or silver pendant that fits perfectly with the clothing. The American neckline marries with a saltire if it is rising. For this kind of bustier decorated with embroidery, ladies will only have to buy a tiara or a chignon accessory and earrings.

The heart-shaped décolleté highlights the young woman’s bosom. With this outfit, she has a wide choice of jewelry. The wedding necklace is recommended. Women can choose from Lou, summer flowers or Lilou.

The V-shaped dress also makes it possible to see the busts. It can be sewn with or without sleeve. With this garment, round necklaces are given priority.

On the bustier style, it is important to check the small details on the clothing. If it contains pearls, brilliants and feathers, you only need hair accessories and earrings.


Jewellery has always been a part of human life. The first ornaments were made of animal teeth, bone, feathers, shells and reeds and adorned the bodies of our ancestors. Some of these ancient royal and aristocratic jewels are still preserved in museums. For ages and still today, jewellery reflects belonging to a given social class and represents a sign of wealth.

The necklace is defined as a garment or jewel worn around the neck. Yet the necklace is much more than just a fashion accessory that complements a casual or elegant fashionable dress. For the ancients, a necklace meant much more than just a decorative object. First, the manufacturing process was more complex than today, and jewellery as such was simply used to suggest some form of differentiation or belonging to a distinguished social group or class.

Today, necklaces adorn all necklaces. Offering a necklace as a gift is more than common these days. The necklace carries an important emotional value. We associate this jewel with the one who introduced it to him. That is how mothers leave their necklaces to their daughters and so on. The necklace is passed down from generation to generation as if to perpetuate a family tradition. Even the most common necklace can have a heavy significance when it is a gift from someone who counts.


A ring is a jewel which materializes a proposal in marriage but also represents the proof of an extreme feeling of attachment. The ring formalizes the relationship between two people not only within the couple but also and especially in the eyes of the entourage. The ring should reflect the beauty and magnitude of a feeling in its design, brilliance and strength. As an ornamental object, a ring that symbolizes a relationship must also please both the person offering it and the person receiving it.

A ring that seals a link is intended to be worn every day. It must also be suitable for all circumstances of daily life. Solitary rings are probably the most appropriate type of ring for an engagement because of their classic, sober and chic shape.

The lonely ring has adorned the woman’s fingers for centuries to mark a milestone in their lives: their commitment as a fiancée. His simple yet aesthetic character is always unanimous and has allowed him to brave the years without losing his success. Combining elegance, solidity and durability, the solitaire ring consists of a simple precious metal ring bearing a single central stone, raised in height. Put forward in 1886, the solitaire ring continues, to this day, to symbolize love and seal unions.

The ring design of a solitaire ring is as important as the quality of the unique stone it displays. A well drawn ring sublimates the stone.

The arrangement of the claws and the bezel contribute to offer a particular presence to this type of jewel. The stones are held in place, at the setting level, by means of fine metal claws. This allows each stone to be illuminated, and thus, to give shine from all sides.

The bezel stones are also held in place by a metal frame. This adjustment system is more modern than crimping. This type of support gives the stones a more voluminous appearance. However, this system considerably reduces the brilliance of the stone.


Your wedding day is a day that belongs to you, and will reflect the theme you have chosen for that unique day. You are free to choose the place, the decoration, all the details that will make a wedding in your image. Anything that makes you dream you can give it life, because that day it will become reality. You will be the center of everyone’s attention, free to make your choices, whether they are related to history, original or tinted with a « retro » charm… So why not embody your theme yourself by making your choice of dress the expression of this will.

By their cups, lace and tulle, or by their old-fashioned charm, vintage wedding dresses will seduce you. Innovative collections, because fashion from every point of view is constantly evolving, do not necessarily offer a choice that suits you. In a more pointed spirit, outside the standards, for more character, a retro wedding dress will give you the vintage look you want. For a Charleston 20’s look, for the glamour of the 50s, or the bohemian 70s, for a romantic note, various online shops and sites have decided to dedicate themselves to the style of yesteryear, which marked our past generations, and which today is again sought after. In different budgets, which remain accessible for such an event, you can succumb to a vintage dress, for a pronounced yes with elegance and character.


I think we dreamt it all… Little girl we imagined ourselves in a princess dress, in a wedding dress. Just like the tales that enchanted us, we saw ourselves wearing the most magnificent dress to finally unite with our prince charming. Some dreams disappear as we grow older, and reality catches up with us. But fortunately there are dreams that come true, and this one will soon become your reality. So ladies it’s time, go in search of THE wedding dress, the one that will make you the princess for a day…

We imagined it in different ways, we also attended ceremonies and we found them all so beautiful these princesses now married women. It might seem so simple to find her dress, and yet… We want her to be perfect for this day, which will also be so perfect, that in the end, it can be a complicated choice. Just like the man in your life, it requires a crush. So no half-measures, when you find THE dress, deep down you’ll know it. For some, the first one will be the right one. For others, several fittings will be necessary, maybe several shops as well but no matter, take the time you need. This outfit, you and your dear and tender, you’ll remember it for a lifetime! There are a lot of cuts: princess (the word is well chosen isn’t it?) empire, siren etc. Many materials too, of type of lace, accessories (sails, stoles, boleros which will be able to magnify your dress). And because this choice can take time, try to worry about it early enough. Because finding her is one thing, but she will probably need a few touch-ups to this wonder before it becomes yours. So in an effort to move towards the most beautiful day of your life without unnecessary stress in your preparations, devote priority to your wedding dress.

How to choose her wedding dress according to her morphology ?

The dress is the main element of marriage. At your wedding, all eyes will be on you and this famous dress. What stress! In front of this whole assembly, you must be as resplendent and radiant as possible. But how do we choose the dress that suits us best? By both highlighting our assets and hiding our complexes?

Before you start looking for THE dress, determine your morphology to find the shape that suits you best.

The siren dress It is the most feminine but also the most demanding form of dress! Attention ladies, you will have to assume your body 100% to wear this dress, which would risk bringing out any small complex. Do you have an X- or 8-shaped morphology? Well this dress suits you perfectly and will enhance you. Little trick, the bigger you are, the more this dress will fit you and lengthen your silhouette.

Straight dress :This dress looks a bit like the siren dress, but much less tight. Being fitted, it will accompany your silhouette by revealing your shapes. For this dress, don’t worry about the small bulge that would protrude, it will still enhance your body. Again, you have an X- or 8-shaped morphology? You can afford these sumptuous creations that will show your silhouette without revealing too much.

The prom dress : Who hasn’t dreamed of having a princess wedding? Ball dresses are perfect for future princesses! This tight dress at the top and puffy and rounded at the bottom will remind you of the tales of your childhood. But how can we make this creation even more beautiful? Mix fabrics, dare lace and details of all kinds and you will have an elegant dress that will amaze your guests. Do you have an A or V morphology? This dress is made for you and will fit your shapes. Moreover, with its flared shape at the bottom, it will give thickness and volume to your silhouette.

The princess dress This dress shape strongly resembles the prom dress and is perfect for a princess wedding too. Unlike the other model, this one is not rounded at the bottom and is more pyramid-shaped. The plus of this dress? It is suitable for any type of morphology, small or large, round or fine. It is therefore the most universal dress. It’s up to you to make all the difference with the cleavage.




The dress is getting worse Unlike the models seen above, this dress is tight at the upper body and chest and then flared. These dresses are perfect for people who want to hide some complexes at the lower body. However, strong breasts will not find their happiness with this type of dress. Very elegant and classic at the same time, you will make a flawless wedding!You have a morphology in A, O or V? This dress is perfect for you!

small heel pumps perfect for a bride

Personally, I’m not a big fan of high heels (except on a nice pair of boots for fall or winter). You will have understood, I am one of those who collect 10 cm heels and like to wear them when the occasion allows them. So yes, at the end of the day or evening, it can be very painful but like many women I clench my teeth and pray that time passes quickly so I can (finally) go home haha.

But for a bride, the technique of « suffering in silence » is absolutely not advisable! Yes, to live this full day, you might as well be comfortable in your dress but also in your shoes. That’s why I suggest you choose bridal shoes with small heels. Feminine enough to go with your long white dress and comfortable enough to move, dance and have a wonderful time without any ailments.

If the choice of the wedding dress is one of the most important in the organization of a wedding, one should not neglect that of the bride’s shoes. As you all know, nothing beats a sublime pair of shoes on your feet to feel beautiful and conquer your day with a smile. To live one of the most beautiful days of your life, your pair of shoes must therefore be up to the task. Fine shoes, decorated with rhinestones, gems, sequins, etc.. Everything is allowed to be a beautiful bride from head to toe.

Dare the pair of sneakers for your wedding

As you read in the title, today’s article deals with a subject that is often debated. It’s about wearing sneakers for her wedding day. Some people say, « A bride can’t be in sneakers on her wedding day. On the contrary, I think a bride can be in sneakers on D-Day. Besides, a bride is free to dress as she sees fit for her big day. Let us not fall into abuses all the same…

And it is because more and more brides are looking for a certain comfort for their D-day, that bridal sneakers have made their appearance. After all, what’s the point of being perched on X cm heels if you can’t walk with them and be afraid to fall all day long? Nothing! In addition, you can also wear sneakers in the second part of the evening to be free to wiggle on the dancefloor.


The time has come, not for an aperitif (though: too), but for you to discover the new 2018 wedding collections! We start today with Mathilde Marie’s wedding dresses.  I follow Mathilde Marie since her very first collection, which already wore her paw, a mix of retro inspirations, pure lines and a touch of masculine spirit that makes all the charm of her dresses. From her experience as a theatre costume designer, Mathilde has kept a keen sensitivity to the details that « make » the garment; a pleat, a clip, a border delicately highlighted with lace… Who says costume does not say disguise, on the contrary: the designer shows a certain talent to extract from vintage everything that is absolutely modern.

Translated into dresses, what does that mean? Never girly but always absolutely feminine, her dresses radiate a particular charm. Far from the clichés of a frilly bride or the clichés of the « bohemian » dress whose lack of dress flatters little silhouette, the wedding dress according to Mathilde Marie expresses a vision of femininity without clichés, a strong and slender silhouette that does not need to be stripped to seduce. Don’t look for a bustier wedding dress here, there isn’t one: the beautiful part is made with the sleeves, with the transparency games, with a size sometimes underlined but always highlighted.

The lace holds an omnipresent place there, like a thread coming to dress a cut out, to drap modestly a shoulder, to underline a blousant top whose apparent simplicity hides the talent of the model maker. We like it when it is made shoulder strap, or when it comes to double a top to the tank top shape with small skull air.

In this collection, Mathilde Marie returns in particular to lace lace which I liked so much on her first models – she even managed to find a lace-maker who revives this technique of flat weaving almost disappeared, allowing her to develop exclusive models.