How to choose her wedding dress according to her morphology ?

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The dress is the main element of marriage. At your wedding, all eyes will be on you and this famous dress. What stress! In front of this whole assembly, you must be as resplendent and radiant as possible. But how do we choose the dress that suits us best? By both highlighting our assets and hiding our complexes?

Before you start looking for THE dress, determine your morphology to find the shape that suits you best.

The siren dress It is the most feminine but also the most demanding form of dress! Attention ladies, you will have to assume your body 100% to wear this dress, which would risk bringing out any small complex. Do you have an X- or 8-shaped morphology? Well this dress suits you perfectly and will enhance you. Little trick, the bigger you are, the more this dress will fit you and lengthen your silhouette.

Straight dress :This dress looks a bit like the siren dress, but much less tight. Being fitted, it will accompany your silhouette by revealing your shapes. For this dress, don’t worry about the small bulge that would protrude, it will still enhance your body. Again, you have an X- or 8-shaped morphology? You can afford these sumptuous creations that will show your silhouette without revealing too much.

The prom dress : Who hasn’t dreamed of having a princess wedding? Ball dresses are perfect for future princesses! This tight dress at the top and puffy and rounded at the bottom will remind you of the tales of your childhood. But how can we make this creation even more beautiful? Mix fabrics, dare lace and details of all kinds and you will have an elegant dress that will amaze your guests. Do you have an A or V morphology? This dress is made for you and will fit your shapes. Moreover, with its flared shape at the bottom, it will give thickness and volume to your silhouette.

The princess dress This dress shape strongly resembles the prom dress and is perfect for a princess wedding too. Unlike the other model, this one is not rounded at the bottom and is more pyramid-shaped. The plus of this dress? It is suitable for any type of morphology, small or large, round or fine. It is therefore the most universal dress. It’s up to you to make all the difference with the cleavage.




The dress is getting worse Unlike the models seen above, this dress is tight at the upper body and chest and then flared. These dresses are perfect for people who want to hide some complexes at the lower body. However, strong breasts will not find their happiness with this type of dress. Very elegant and classic at the same time, you will make a flawless wedding!You have a morphology in A, O or V? This dress is perfect for you!

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