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Your wedding day is a day that belongs to you, and will reflect the theme you have chosen for that unique day. You are free to choose the place, the decoration, all the details that will make a wedding in your image. Anything that makes you dream you can give it life, because that day it will become reality. You will be the center of everyone’s attention, free to make your choices, whether they are related to history, original or tinted with a « retro » charm… So why not embody your theme yourself by making your choice of dress the expression of this will.

By their cups, lace and tulle, or by their old-fashioned charm, vintage wedding dresses will seduce you. Innovative collections, because fashion from every point of view is constantly evolving, do not necessarily offer a choice that suits you. In a more pointed spirit, outside the standards, for more character, a retro wedding dress will give you the vintage look you want. For a Charleston 20’s look, for the glamour of the 50s, or the bohemian 70s, for a romantic note, various online shops and sites have decided to dedicate themselves to the style of yesteryear, which marked our past generations, and which today is again sought after. In different budgets, which remain accessible for such an event, you can succumb to a vintage dress, for a pronounced yes with elegance and character.

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