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I think we dreamt it all… Little girl we imagined ourselves in a princess dress, in a wedding dress. Just like the tales that enchanted us, we saw ourselves wearing the most magnificent dress to finally unite with our prince charming. Some dreams disappear as we grow older, and reality catches up with us. But fortunately there are dreams that come true, and this one will soon become your reality. So ladies it’s time, go in search of THE wedding dress, the one that will make you the princess for a day…

We imagined it in different ways, we also attended ceremonies and we found them all so beautiful these princesses now married women. It might seem so simple to find her dress, and yet… We want her to be perfect for this day, which will also be so perfect, that in the end, it can be a complicated choice. Just like the man in your life, it requires a crush. So no half-measures, when you find THE dress, deep down you’ll know it. For some, the first one will be the right one. For others, several fittings will be necessary, maybe several shops as well but no matter, take the time you need. This outfit, you and your dear and tender, you’ll remember it for a lifetime! There are a lot of cuts: princess (the word is well chosen isn’t it?) empire, siren etc. Many materials too, of type of lace, accessories (sails, stoles, boleros which will be able to magnify your dress). And because this choice can take time, try to worry about it early enough. Because finding her is one thing, but she will probably need a few touch-ups to this wonder before it becomes yours. So in an effort to move towards the most beautiful day of your life without unnecessary stress in your preparations, devote priority to your wedding dress.

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