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The time has come, not for an aperitif (though: too), but for you to discover the new 2018 wedding collections! We start today with Mathilde Marie’s wedding dresses.  I follow Mathilde Marie since her very first collection, which already wore her paw, a mix of retro inspirations, pure lines and a touch of masculine spirit that makes all the charm of her dresses. From her experience as a theatre costume designer, Mathilde has kept a keen sensitivity to the details that « make » the garment; a pleat, a clip, a border delicately highlighted with lace… Who says costume does not say disguise, on the contrary: the designer shows a certain talent to extract from vintage everything that is absolutely modern.

Translated into dresses, what does that mean? Never girly but always absolutely feminine, her dresses radiate a particular charm. Far from the clichés of a frilly bride or the clichés of the « bohemian » dress whose lack of dress flatters little silhouette, the wedding dress according to Mathilde Marie expresses a vision of femininity without clichés, a strong and slender silhouette that does not need to be stripped to seduce. Don’t look for a bustier wedding dress here, there isn’t one: the beautiful part is made with the sleeves, with the transparency games, with a size sometimes underlined but always highlighted.

The lace holds an omnipresent place there, like a thread coming to dress a cut out, to drap modestly a shoulder, to underline a blousant top whose apparent simplicity hides the talent of the model maker. We like it when it is made shoulder strap, or when it comes to double a top to the tank top shape with small skull air.

In this collection, Mathilde Marie returns in particular to lace lace which I liked so much on her first models – she even managed to find a lace-maker who revives this technique of flat weaving almost disappeared, allowing her to develop exclusive models.

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