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A ring is a jewel which materializes a proposal in marriage but also represents the proof of an extreme feeling of attachment. The ring formalizes the relationship between two people not only within the couple but also and especially in the eyes of the entourage. The ring should reflect the beauty and magnitude of a feeling in its design, brilliance and strength. As an ornamental object, a ring that symbolizes a relationship must also please both the person offering it and the person receiving it. You can be helped by a luxury event planner France to chose your ring.

A ring that seals a link is intended to be worn every day. It must also be suitable for all circumstances of daily life. Solitary rings are probably the most appropriate type of ring for an engagement because of their classic, sober and chic shape.

The lonely ring has adorned the woman’s fingers for centuries to mark a milestone in their lives: their commitment as a fiancée. His simple yet aesthetic character is always unanimous and has allowed him to brave the years without losing his success. Combining elegance, solidity and durability, the solitaire ring consists of a simple precious metal ring bearing a single central stone, raised in height. Put forward in 1886, the solitaire ring continues, to this day, to symbolize love and seal unions.

The ring design of a solitaire ring is as important as the quality of the unique stone it displays. A well drawn ring sublimates the stone.

The arrangement of the claws and the bezel contribute to offer a particular presence to this type of jewel. The stones are held in place, at the setting level, by means of fine metal claws. This allows each stone to be illuminated, and thus, to give shine from all sides.

The bezel stones are also held in place by a metal frame. This adjustment system is more modern than crimping. This type of support gives the stones a more voluminous appearance. However, this system considerably reduces the brilliance of the stone.

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