Dare the pair of sneakers for your wedding

 In Wedding Shoe

As you read in the title, today’s article deals with a subject that is often debated. It’s about wearing sneakers for her wedding day. Some people say, « A bride can’t be in sneakers on her wedding day. On the contrary, I think a bride can be in sneakers on D-Day. Besides, a bride is free to dress as she sees fit for her big day. Let us not fall into abuses all the same…

And it is because more and more brides are looking for a certain comfort for their D-day, that bridal sneakers have made their appearance. After all, what’s the point of being perched on X cm heels if you can’t walk with them and be afraid to fall all day long? Nothing! In addition, you can also wear sneakers in the second part of the evening to be free to wiggle on the dancefloor.

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